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About Us

Since 1982, International Credit Reserve Exchange, Ltd. (ICRE) has been operating as a Referral Service and Business Co-Operative helping local companies achieve:

New Customers, Increased Net Profits, Cash Savings on Expenses, Increased Customer Referrals, Increased Productivity and Increased Cash Flow

ICRE members have agreed that ICRE referred business is extra business!

In order to encourage our members to buy from each other rather than the competition; each member has agreed to accept a government-recognized, cash-equivalent currency called "ICRE trade or Credit Dollars".  This currency can be used as all or a partial payment, rather than discounting. Different from traditional barter, ICRE members collect credit dollars for the markup/gross profit portion of the sale (a predetermined %) and collect known currency such as cash, checks or credit cards to cover their cost of goods or services sold. Effectively, members earn credit dollars at zero cash cost.  As ICRE business is generally less than 10% of a company's gross, fixed overhead costs will not increase.  ICRE Members have no cash tied up in credit dollars.

Credit dollars are a universal currency which may be used with any member of  ICRE.  Consider your credit dollars as a bonus that can be used with our member businesses to significantly improve your business and personal cash flow.  This part cash/part ICRE credit dollars concept has helped us achieve a significant amount of listings and thus a broad outlet for the spending of your credit dollars.  

The result is a program guaranteed to produce net profits for you.  ICRE charges a small commission from the buyers, nothing from your sales.  Computerized statements, similar to your bank statement, are generated each month for your records.

You can print out the Products & Services List from our website. Print a copy and circle those items that indicate where you have spent money in the past and where you plan to spend in the future.  Be sure to include the approximate yearly Dollar amounts!  Feel free to call our references or attend one of our weekly scheduled network meetings. We can get you started on the path to new business and a new bottom line.


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