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#1. ICRE Presentation, Part 3 of 3 Video: Click here (3 minutes) 


#2. How ICRE Is Supported Video: Click here (4 minutes)  


#3. How To Get Started Today Video: Click here (5 minutes) After you view this

      video, See pages 1-8 below to see all the links live, page by page on this video. 


#4. Testimonial Videos from ICRE Members: *Click here (3 minutes) 


We hope you are ready to ICRE so we can start refer you new 

business and save you net cash. Click here.  You are

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#5. MP3 Audios:  (ICRE Home Page). Look for the audios in the center of the

      Home Page, Click on the links. Click here  


#6. Useful Information.  Click here 


#7. Introduction to Enhanced Networking Video:  Click here (5 minutes) 


#8. Watch this Video on how ICRE & Enhanced Networking

      Work Together. Click Here (18 minutes)


#9. Seminar Videos: See page 8 Research Links Below. 


#10. The Top 15+ Trade Secrets for ICRE Members.  Click here

Page 1. Research Links: 

ICRE Membership Application: Click here 

ICRE Home Page: *Click here

Page 2. Research Links:

Member Benefits: Click here

ICRE References: *Click here 

Member Promotions: *Click here 

Newsletter: The Newsletter is available on the Member Promotions Link.

FAQ: *Click here  


Page 3. Research Links:  

Infomercial for the Network meetings: *Click here

About-us: *Click here

 About-Us/Trader-Als-Corner: *Click here 

Page 4. Research Links: 

Concepts: Click here 

Useful Information: Click here 

ICRE-Nextrade360 Portal Directory: Click here 

ICRE Restaurants: Click here 

Refer A Business: 

ICRE is looking to add these categories. You can also pay your ICRE
membership and other fees with your referrals. Up to $150 cash
credit for referrals that join from this list. Click here 
ICRE Member Websites: Click here
 ICRE Credit Dollars can increase your bottom line: *Click here    

Page 5. Research Links:  
Sign up for all the Networking Meetings this month and or next month. Check
Yes or No. Zero cost to promote your business on line. Get your business
noticed! Bring a guest prospect to lunch, from the most needed list, and
you both get a free meal up to $10.00 each. *Click here
Members accepting 100% Credits: Click here 

Contact-Us: *Click here
 Testimonials: *Click here
Page 8. Research Links to the Seminars are now on You Tube:
(20 minutes each)
Seminar Part 1 Click here 
Seminar Part 2 Click here  

Seminar Part 3 Click here
Seminar Part 4 Click here
*All of the red asterisks links are available at the top of this web page.

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